But seriously lydia let me list for you all the reasons this is bad.


Now take your ass to bed.

Shrimp fra diavolo aka #lunch aka packing procrastination. Thanks for the suggestion @yeahrogerthat

  • Me: So how many parties are you gonna have now?
  • Mom: One a night, two on Saturdays.

Sneaking fortune cookies as a metaphor for making your own luck? I’ll take it. #TheFinalCountdown

Breakfast crepes and Return of the King. Hello, lazy #Saturday.

Say hello to my two weeks (plus some change because I couldn’t wait) notice.

well, that was fun.

Hello, lover.

#Throwback to the time I spent my morning here (yesterday) instead of at work, looking at the rain through barred windows.

#ThoseWereTheDays #HomeSweetHome #TakeOnPoconos

Not usually my thing but this little heartbreaker stole the show this weekend and has earned my first #mcm. #FilterShmilter #BecauseReally #WhoWouldPutAFilterOnThisMostPreciousFace?

Chewed up.

Aforementioned lunar perigee. (#Supermoon)

Supermoon hunts, open flame and cab sauvs with mom. #HomeSweetHome #TakeOnPoconos

Throwback to the ONE sunny day in Dublin and our impeccable timing. #LuckOfTheIrish #ForADay